(to be read in conjunction with Disclaimer and Safety Disclaimer)



e-inventories can accept an instruction for an assignment via the online booking form, email or telephone. Once an instruction is received, an agreement is deemed to exist between the Company and the Landlord or Agent under these Terms and Conditions. Confirmation of an assignment will be confirmed by email. Confirmation will define the Assignment to which the Company and Clerk will work. Any errors contained within any confirmation not corrected by the Landlord or Agent will be at the liability of the Landlord or Agent.


All reports are supplied in either PDF or Word document formats via email, which allows us to keep our rates low. Paper copies are charged at £10 each.

Fees shown allow for one bathroom and one reception room. Additional rooms such as en-suites, further reception rooms, studies etc. will be charged at £7.50 per additional room.

Should it be found that the size and furnishings for the assigned property are not of reasonable proportions relating to the information given by the Landlord or Agent at the time of booking, then we reserve the right to charge additional fees as necessary.

In relation to key and/or documentation location, we reserve the right to charge £1.00 per mile for an assigned property located further than five miles from said items.

Normal office hours are: Monday – Thursday 0800 -1700, Friday 0800 – 1600

Assignments to be carried out outside these hours will attract a premium fee by separate negotiation. Weekend and public holiday assignments will be considered by separate negotiation.

The e-inventories website booking service is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Just go to www.e-inventories.co.uk/booking

Payment for an Assignment is due no later than 24 hours prior to the Assignment taking place. Credit facilities are not offered. Should payment not be confirmed at this time, we reserve the right to cancel the Assignment without further notice and levy the fees as outlined in the Disclaimer.


e-inventories reserve the right to make a full charge to the Landlord or Agent for the cancellation of an assignment within 24 hours of the scheduled date and time. A nominal fee of £25 will be levied should the assignment be aborted for any reason after the clerk has arrived at the property. This fee is subject to the assignment being re-booked with e-inventories within 48 hours of the original scheduled date and time and is passed entirely to the Clerk. In the event that the assignment is not re-booked with e-inventories the full fee for the assignment will be charged.

A charge of £10 per 15 minutes may be made for waiting time at a property beyond the scheduled time for the assignment due to the late arrival of a Landlord, Tenant or Agent, incorrect notification of keys and/or documentation location, or any delay in gaining access to the property beyond the control of the Clerk.

The Clerk reserves the right to abort an assignment, made by appointment where the property is deemed unfit or unsafe for entry. Where conditions at the property make it impossible to identify the items on the inventory or make a new inventory, the Clerk reserves the right to abort the assignment and the relevant charges will apply. This includes (but is not limited to):

Cleaners, decorators and other tradespersons still working on the property.

The Landlord’s or outgoing Tenant’s personal possessions are present and the property is not ready to let.

Work surfaces and floors are inaccessible for inspection.

Should this be the case, the Landlord will be informed immediately.


It is understood by the Company and Clerk that the Property related to any assignment is in safe and sound condition and poses no risk whatsoever to the health and safety of any assigned Clerk


The Company or Clerk will endeavour to deliver to the Landlord or Agent and Tenant by agreed means, Assignment documentation within three working days of the agreed assignment date and time. All commissioned Assignments delivered by electronic means remain the intellectual property of the Company. Required hard copies may be printed, copied or retained, but may not be electronically copied, altered or retained without the express permission of the Company. The Landlord is responsible for checking the Assignment on delivery. Any dispute over content or description must be registered as described in the Disclaimer within 14 calender days.


Each party must treat all information received from the other marked “confidential” or reasonably obvious to be confidential as it would treat it’s own confidential information.

The Landlord or Agent undertakes that it shall use the information provided in our reports solely for the internal purpose of its own business.

The Report in whole or part may not be published and all or any part of the information contained within the report may not be divulged or disclosed to any third party, other than for the sole purpose of property rental.


The Company or Clerk is not liable for delays in performance (including the delivery of documentation) caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.


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